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Based on our team’s extensive experience in acting for strategic investors and investment funds, local entrepreneurs and foreign corporations, public authorities and international financial institutions, we do deliver top quality:



Pro Legal is our dedicated legal division, comprising highly experienced lawyers, specialized in providing legal advice and assistance in all areas of business law and has also notably highly recognized capabilities in Real Estate, Restructuring/Insolvency, Employment, Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions and Litigation fields.


Pro Capital is our division specialized in handling complex Restructuring & Insolvency procedures and challenging Debts Recovery processes. Our restructuring and insolvency team, comprising prestigious lawyers, insolvency practitioners, lawyers, financial experts and other consultants, successfully guided our clients through complex and extensive restructuring, insolvency or liquidation procedures and helped them emerge stronger and obtain the best outcome in any situation.




We value relationships and enjoy sharing opportunities. 


Due to our extensive network of contacts, which includes major financial institutions and international corporations doing business in Romania, multinational and domestic investors, prestigious law firms and insolvency practitioners, we are able to efficiently promote distressed assets, to find investments opportunities generated in restructuring and insolvency sectors and to help our clients to make the most from such opportunities. 

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